Digital Archives

There are many reasons why one might want digital archives in libraries.  In an effort to solve our increasingly urgent preservation problems caused by the hurricanes in our parish, we are making an effort to extend our collections into new media.The most important advantages of digital archives would be their ability to help our parish, who lost so much in the hurricanes, to make information more available, raise its quality memories, and increase its diversity.  I hope you enjoy our attempt at preserving our past in the digital archives of the Cameron Parish Library collection.


Cameron Parish Fur & Wildlife Festival Cookbooks In celebration of Louisiana’s “Coldest & Oldest Festival”, we have digitized the Cameron Parish Library’s collection of Fur & Wildlife Festival cookbooks.  We will not be digitizing the last five years of cookbooks.


Cameron Parish School Yearbooks Because so many people lost their school yearbooks in the hurricanes, we encourage people with any Cameron Parish school yearbooks to bring them to any Cameron Parish Library.  Yearbooks will be digitally scanned and returned to the owner.  I would like to thank those who dropped off their yearbooks so others may enjoy their memories of the “good ole days”.


Cameron Parish Veteran’s Display– Annually on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day the Cameron Main Library hangs photos of Cameron Parish Veterans.  We encourage people with photos of any veteran relatives to bring a photo of their relatives for this display.  Photos will be digitally scanned and returned to the owner.


Cameron Parish Fur & Wildlife Festival Scrapbooks